Enerj-Meeting Paris Conference


It was a great pleasure to take part in the EnerJ-meeting Paris at the Palais Brongniart!

A great opportunity to address the conversion and refurbishment topics based on our Racine project experience. This project gives a new life to the ONF (National Forest Office) former headquarters of in the 12th district of Paris.

A very organic and original architecture in a mushroom shape.

A ten-floor-tower with four floors in the basement.

Mixed of uses, re-employment and bioclimatic approach, the building is rehabilitated following an urban reflection to reinvest basements and roofs for a conversion with added value.

How to restore nobility to these basements?

How to support the building while not weakening it?

How to create surface on the ground floor?

How to densify and renature?

How to improve thermal insulation?

Which materials will we keep for the project and which for others?

How to revegetate to allow a form of agriculture?


So many questions we tried to answer.


Client: ALDERAN Real Estate Management Company


Many thanks to EnerJ-meeting for the invitation.

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