Founded in 2006, the agency brings together twenty employees with confirmed skills and personalities. Following an instinctive approach in order to let individualities express themselves, Maud Caubet Architects brings small and large scale to the same level in the design of her projects by making sure to forge links between architecture, design and the landscape in which they are located. The agency has her own way of offering a vision of the world that encompasses the multiple realities of which it is made up. Keen to respond to a wide variety of issues, the agency works on construction and refurbishment projects as well as on programs offering a mix of uses, housing, offices, hotels or public facilities.

Being aware that an architectural project is part of a whole and contributes to our way to live together, the agency contextualizes, studies the existing and works the seams of a project for its better integration whether it is geographical, urban planning, social, and insure its integration with a timelessness approach. A real work of craftsmanship is provided during which experimentation takes a great place in a strong will to combine theory and practice in each of the steps. In this experimental approach, the agency joins forces with partners whose skills are complementary to its own, upstream of each project in order to bring together ideas and outline the best possible solution.

The dimension of time is very important at Maud Caubet Architects. The agency makes sure to constantly reflect to offer chronotopical spaces allowing different uses to be accommodated according to temporalities. The social approach thus has as much importance as the urban and environmental approach thanks to projects that are part of a sustainable architecture. A careful intention is put in the use of the right material in the right place, whether it is biobased, local or from reused materials.

The timelessness of the projects is also found in the correlation between the desire for aesthetics and poetry instilled in each of the agency’s achievements, but also in its desire to respond to societal issues. Thanks to architects interested in all the elements constituting a city, a small or large agglomeration, a rural area, or even a landscape, architecture supports an environment and a population. Architecture is a means at the service of people, of society, of its development.


Maud Caubet
Born in Paris in 1978.


Maud Caubet recognizes herself in an intuitive creation in perpetual motion and is keen to infuse her artistic direction into each of the agency’s projects. On a permanent quest for new things and innovation, Maud Caubet feeds on the outside world to fulfill the role she defines for the architect: to respond to societal and environmental issues by adapting to the context of each project. A role that she associates with a desire to create a (whether conscious or unconscious) bond.

Inspired by the various encounters during her career, it was with Andrée Putman that she learned a taste for artistic craftsmanship. She then worked with designer Jean-Marie Massaud with whom she shared the vision of a living and contextual creation.

  • 2006 : Creation of Maud Caubet Architects
  • 2003 : Architecture School of Paris-La Villette
  • XXX : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
  • XXX : Beaux-Arts of Paris


There are projects, and there are those who do them.

Those who study, imagine, draw, cross out, start over.

Those who arrive early and those who leave late.

Those who have become specialists reluctantly, but who are comfortable with it: fire safety manager, ERP manager, MAF manager, parking manager, “local urban masterplan” manager, playlist manager, coffee manager, “what are we eating?” manager, InDesign manager, Archicad manager.

Those who are discreet because we are in open space, those who are loud because we are in open space.

Those who offer their help before they are even asked, those who lend a hand to the project manager even if they are 10 years younger.

Those who watch over their colleagues because they have become more than that.

But all of those are the same.

Architects, perspectivists, office manager, designers, juniors, and seniors, with the desire to do better. Not because it sounds good, but because we believe in it, and we don’t want to perceive our profession any other way.

Make it more humane, more sustainable, more efficient, greener. By being available, professional, and attentive.

And sometimes even, being serious.


Arnaud Housset

Directeur d’agence

Ingrid Devits

Office Manager

Amélie Gressier

Architecte DE

Giulia Castaldi

Architecte HMONP

Nataly Tello

Architecte DE

Oles Kuzo


Laureline Cappone

Architecte HMONP

Ilaria Giorgi

Architecte HMONP

Pauline Fernandez

Architecte HMONP

Nina Maeno

Architecte HMONP

Nastasia Thiriet

Architecte DE

Lola Guillemet

Architecte DE

Ary D’Oria

Architecte DE


Happiness Manager


Alexis Jouvin
Amaury Laparra
Amélie Authier
Anita Laska
Arianna Robertiello
Audrey Sarh
Aurelia Conan
Catia Marini
César Gourdon

Christophe Gourdier
Cloé Tevenin
Elisa Brys
Emiliano Pesare
Félix Haudrechy
Hugues Séris
Julie Tournaire
Laura Bellamico
Marion Voillot

Christophe Gourdier
Cloé Tevenin
Elisa Brys
Emiliano Pesare
Félix Haudrechy
Hugues Séris
Julie Tournaire
Laura Bellamico
Marion Voillot


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