Keynote with the french Ministry of culture on Mipim 2023


Maud Caubet will take part in a keynote organized on the French Ministry of Culture stand this Wednesday, March 15 at MIPIM.


Led by David Abittan, editor-in-chief of, this exchange will be an opportunity to discuss the role of architecture for the ecological transition to be carried out, in particular on the rehabilitation of 20th century buildings.


Various rehabilitation projects led by the agency, like the former Sanatorium of Dreux, the Sheds of Pantin and Racine project in the 12th district of Paris will be explained.


Save the date of March 15 at 2:30 p.m. at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes for this lively round table, where I will have the pleasure to talk with Wilfrid Jauber, CAUE Var, Caroline Poulin, AUC, Patrick Rubin, Canal.


Thank you to the French Ministry of Culture for this invitation !


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Progress of the Tour Racine site



Discover the beautiful photos of the Racine shipyard taken by Laurent Kronental on site.

> View the photos

Delivery scheduled for January 2024.


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Enerj-Meeting Paris Conference


It was a great pleasure to take part in the EnerJ-meeting Paris at the Palais Brongniart!

A great opportunity to address the conversion and refurbishment topics based on our Racine project experience. This project gives a new life to the ONF (National Forest Office) former headquarters of in the 12th district of Paris.

A very organic and original architecture in a mushroom shape.

A ten-floor-tower with four floors in the basement.

Mixed of uses, re-employment and bioclimatic approach, the building is rehabilitated following an urban reflection to reinvest basements and roofs for a conversion with added value.

How to restore nobility to these basements?

How to support the building while not weakening it?

How to create surface on the ground floor?

How to densify and renature?

How to improve thermal insulation?

Which materials will we keep for the project and which for others?

How to revegetate to allow a form of agriculture?


So many questions we tried to answer.


Client: ALDERAN Real Estate Management Company


Many thanks to EnerJ-meeting for the invitation.


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It is customary for a building to be a century old, but time flies and will undoubtedly affect its envelope and even more its uses. If demolishing was obvious in the past, the time has gradually come for conservation and restoration, for common sense. Innovation now lies in the apprehension of a whole context giving the project its direction, its meaning. An architecture of attention then takes place: an architecture that takes into account its future users and that borrows only what is strictly necessary from nature. A thoughtful architecture to continue to last.


In Pantin, abandoned for decades, the former Cartier-Bresson spinning factory is getting a makeover. Five workshops out of the original seven have been preserved and rehabilitated with the aim of keeping the structure as much as possible unspoiled.


This transformation then gives way to a cultural and childcare center in a building whose facade is clad in anthracite bricks and has large bay windows allowing it to dialogue with the Diderot park.


Thanks to AMC for their article >>>  Read the AMC article of the December 2022/ January 2023 issue (on page 124).


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Towards an ecological, social and poetic architecture


In this month issue of Archistorm, Maud Caubet pleads for a reconsideration of the profession of architect as a commitment, a lever for environmental and social transition, as a core player in the narrative and poetry we need to bring as many people as possible into the move. She also underlines the crucial role of architecture teaching  in revaluing the profession, bringing it towards equity and adopting new creative reflexes. It thus calls for bravery to transform the best wishes into action. If the 20th century was the one of industrialization for the greatest number, the 21st century must be that of repair.


Read the full opinion editorial :


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Maud Caubet Architectes supports the Palladio Foudation


We are happy to have participated and brought our sponsorship to the second summit of the Université de la Ville de Demain supported by the Palladio Foundation and chaired by Bertrand de Feydeau.

As an annual meeting dedicated to major urban issues, this event places the City at the center of its reflections, as it is the place where tensions of the century are expressed, whether they are demographic, social, economic, environmental or health ones.

By bringing together economic and political decision makers, researchers and experts, Université de la Ville de Demain opens the path to a new way of cooperating through dialogue. It allows an unprecedented work process, collective commitment and action towards a low carbon city for all.

Ville de demain

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Academy of architecture induction


Maud Caubet is very happy to join the Academy of Architecture and to be part of such an institution alongside great personalities who have marked the history of this art.

During the installation ceremony, I had the honor of paying tribute to the great architect Michel Marot, winner of the Rome Prize and the Equerre d’argent Awards. An inspiring man embodying the complete artist who has developped an attentive to people and territories approach.

A warm thank you to Pablo Katz, the Academy of Architecture Chairman, to  Bernard Valero, my godfatherfor in this his moving presentation, as well as to all my colleagues, as members of the Academy.

academie d’architecture

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Contribution to ENSAB, the national superior school of architecture in Britany


This conference will be an opportunity to explain how architecture must act as poetry to build the world of tomorrow and accelerate changes. Just like the words which, associated one by one, composed, organized, produce strong, powerful, happy, ambitious, inspiring texts, architecture composes with resources, living things, people and their uses. There are so many possible combinations and styles.

Conference ENSAB

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On the banks of Bordeaux, a new way of living together by Maud Caubet Architects

In the 40 Journaux district of Bordeaux and in the heart of a dune landscape, the Noème operation offers a peaceful path in the pine forest opening towards the banks of the lake. On block 6, the project offers housing that blends into their environment.
The choice of an architecture using natural and sustainable materials stems from a desire for unity for this building. Treated with tinted in the mass raw concrete and a sandblasting finish, allowing the irregularities of the concrete to appear, the propject recalls Bordeaux stone ‘s specificities. A way of emphasizing the qualities of a rational architecture put at the service of uses.
Maud Caubet emphasizes: “For this project led by Covivio, we wanted to restore a warm and authentic materiality in response to the various natural landscapes surrounding the project, so as to encourage encounters through the experience of a rich and rare setting, embellished with roof gardens, vegetable gardens and large terraces”.

Bordeaux Lac

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Maud caubet architects brings the former ONF headquarters back to life


In the heart of the 12th district of Paris, next to the Sorbonne Nouvelle, the Racine project is transforming the former headquarters of the ONF (Office National des Forêts) and will bring new life to the neighbourhood at the end of 2023. The singular-looking building will be completely refurbished and will see its roof topped with a glass greenhouse as an extension to the sky.

Resulting from an enriching dialog between public, private and local stakeholders, the Racine project offers a slenderer silhouette as well as a mix of uses at the service of its inhabitants, users and of the neighbourhood.


Open to the city and its changing needs, the program integrates third places that can adapt to multiple possibilities and integrates different forms of urban nature on each of its floors. Vegetable gardens, agricultural greenhouses, living spaces and several levels of gardens will thus take place throughout the floors.


“For this project carried out with Alderan, we wanted to offer a useful refurbishment, a renovation which can be respectful of the 70’s architectural heritage, in line with the current and future needs and uses of this place. Our aim was to reveal the site and its potential to invent the future of the city through a happy architecture proposal. Bioclimatic, technical, and responsible architecture takes place in this project without ever being felt as such, to let people project in experience and poetry. Racine’s structure takes root on the ground and develops like a sculpture towards the sky through the glass extension of the greenhouse” explains Maud Caubet.

Tour Racine

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Origine is certified E3C2


Located in Nanterre, Origine office building has just been certified with the E3C2 label. Origine is the only  more than 8,000 sqm tertiary building in France tto obtain this label!

This exceptional label is an illustration of the will and the commitment of Maud Caubet Architects and Icade to reduce carbon footprint.

Origine is also certified BBCA 2017 Excellent, Effinergie BEPOS, HQE durable building Excellent, BREEAM Outstanding, Wiredscore Platinum, R2S 3 * (115 points: best score obtained from all projects submitted to the R2S Label to date), Ready to OsmoZ, Biodiversity. The responsible program is as well targeting NF HQE Biosourced building, WELL and LEED Gold.


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