A 7th edition of duo@work awards co-presided by Maud Caubet


The 7th edition of the Duo@Work Awards will be co-chaired by Maud Caubet and Rémi Vial-Collet, Ile-de-France regional director of Vinci Immobilier. Duo@Work prizes reward partnerships between architects and industrialists who have been able to pool their know-how in the service of innovative projects in France.


By promoting the most ingenious design partnerships, DUO@WORK Awards aim to promote and ensure recognition of the concerted approach of the Architect / Industrial tandem for the creation of products and processes applied to the act of building.


See you on September 23, 2021 for the Prize-Giving Ceremony at Architects@Work!

Duo @work

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Report of the Journal du Grand Paris on Nouvelle Vague


Last Friday, Jacques Paquier, editor-in-chief of Le Journal du Grand Paris, visited our recently delivered Nouvelle Vague programme. Maud Caubet introduced the visit to this programme combining social housing, home buying, nursery and trades: “It is essential to first and foremost think of a programme by and for the quality of uses offered to those who will live and experience the proposed architecture. The architectural gesture without the quality of life(s) and use is of no use, in our opinion. This everyday comfort is largely due to the care taken in designing the outdoor spaces for each of the inhabitants, whatever form they may have”.


The outcome is this in-depth article, with a beautiful signature, reflecting this beautiful project so well.

>> Read the article 

Report Grand Paris

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Zero Carbon Forum: time for action to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 !


For the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement, La Tribune, the City of Paris and France Urbaine organise the Zero Carbon Forum on the 10th and 11th of December.


Maud Caubet is pleased to contribute along with Jacques Baudrier, Nicolas Prudhomme and Marc Verrecchia to a round-table discussion hosted by César Armand on the need to choose geosourced, biosourced and reused materials in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The architect has a responsibility and a role to play in accelerating the movement.

>> Forum Zéro Carbone (eventtia.com)


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What are the health crisis impacts on architectural agencies ?


A few weeks ago, Maud Caubet answered Tema.archi’s questions on the daily life of architecture agencies in the midst of a health crisis. Be attentive to everyone, let the choice  between on-site or remote work, do not forget the importance of human contact, remain optimistic and kind… these were the keys shared by Maud Caubet during this interview. The activity continues and even if it is not ideal, “architects know how to do it”!


>> Read the article 


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“The city of tomorrow will be more primitive, simpler. Diva architecture will probably have less of a hold on it, we will return to fundamentals and materials such as raw earth, wood, stone and many others… »


How designing the city for tomorrow? Imagine neighborhoods with the constraint of density; think with and for the living, women and men, lives, nature; build reversible, sustainable, adaptable buildings… Maud Caubet shares her belief and vision on what architecture and urban planning could be in the future  with WeDemain, a media featuring changemakers for a possible and attractive future.

>> Read the podcat
>> Watch the article

Podcast wedemain

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Re Source: “what do we do tomorrow ?”. An exhibition in the Pavilion of the arsenal



“Let’s create enduring, adaptable metropolises that are both generous and happy! »

Maud Caubet shares her vision, her conception of the city and therefore of life for the exhibition and the call “What about tomorrow?” launched in mid-April by Le Pavillon de l’Arsenal.
For a more human, lively, adaptable and decompartmentalized architecture, Maud Caubet signs a beautiful contribution calling for action and joins her voice to the 197 others carried by the Pavillon de l’Arsenal.

A contribution to be discovered by visiting the exhibition “What do we do tomorrow?” From June 16 to September 06, 2020.

>> Link to the article

Pavillon de l’Arsenal eng

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Renewal of the Tour Initiale at La Défense


Singular amongst its little sisters, the first tower built at La Défense has been starting a new life for a few days now. We are proud to have completed the refurbishment of the Tour Initiale, which is already hosting new occupants. Its refurbishment has been thought to suit  the city of tomorrow : the tower combines mixed-uses with multipurpose spaces, places for living, socialising, culinary and artistic rediscovery, relaxation and work. We worked for the long term with noble, long-lasting, quality materials, far from fashion trends. A tribute to the spirit of the place instilled by Jean Prouvé, through the reuse of vintage furniture, we wish to open art and make it accessible to all.
We are thus delivering a tower that will remain timeless, graceful and definitely Parisian.


Tour Initiale

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La Tribune gives the floor to Maud Caubet in her summer issue Reinventing France


“Let’s go back to simplicity, to housing as a multi-purpose shelter that evolves and changes with the passing of the days, the seasons and outdoor events” proposes Maud Caubet.

Ways of thinking evolve, as do uses and needs. Architecture is working on the construction of tomorrow’s world with evolving and moving buildings, as shown by Maud Caubet’s reflections, shared in this special summer issue of La Tribune. A complete and comprehensive issue.

>> Link to the doanlowd journal 


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Immoweek gives the floor to Maud Caubet: The Afterwards 


“When we modify our direct environment, it is our living conditions that we change. Let us think of architecture, cities and their ecosystems in that awareness and humility that will positively nourish our creativity.”

What will the world of tomorrow be made of? Thanks to Immoweek for soliciting Maud Caubet’s point of view. Let’s make room for humility, humanity and action for the best resilience.

>> Link to online article

Immoweek eng

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Get a tour of our Origine project


We are glad to share with you the latest images of the progress of Origine construction site in Nanterre.

An eco-neighbourhood, exemplary offices, Origine anticipates the new uses of the city of tomorrow.

From design to construction, from idea to building… Dive with us into the heart of the Origine project and discover the stages of its construction.

>> Link to video


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The Archello platform features the Maison des Landes in its selection

The Landes House is spotlighted on the Archello platform, a specialist in architecture and design.

Back to pictures on the project : the Landes House, perched in the middle of the pine forest with a view of the ocean. Thank you for the beautiful feature Archello !


>> Link to article

Archello article

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Crossed views on the world of tomorrow, new architectural practices, new ways of working, new ways of thinking… Maud Caubet had the pleasure to answer the question of AA Architecture d’Aujourd’hui magazine.

Faced with the lockdown imposed for everyone to limit the Coronavirus spread, many architects had to adapt their practice and work methods to this new rhythm of life. The “Confiné.e.s” series gives them a voice, by questioning them on their vision of the situation but also their cultural recommendations.

Thanks to Architecture d’Aujourd’hui magazine !

confine e s eng

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