Reverso is a building that is capable, evolutive and designed to adapt to new uses and initiate a new approach to work and community life.

Our proposal relates to a rapidly developing neighbourhood, in the 12th arrondissement, a stone’s throw from the Hall des Messageries.

The first stone of a future exemplary district, a demonstrator of inclusion and environmental solutions at the European level, the reversibility studied at the heart of the project allows transformation of all or part of the office space into housing, or housing-workshops.

In its architectural approach as well as in the uses it will impulse, the project proposes the reconciliation of a natural and industrial vocabulary.

REVERSO imagines a conducive place to sharing, to life, to creation as well as to passing through, to relaxation and daydreaming.

Client: SNCF Espaces Ferroviaires

Project location: Paris 12e arr.

Program: Office building / reversibility Housing and shops, coworking spaces. urban logistics

Surface area of the plot: 2 513 m2

Floor area: 10 770 m2

Cost of the work : 25 173 074 € HT

Status: 2020 Competition

Associate Architects: Razzle Dazzle Architects

Project Leader: Nataly Tello

Team: Nina Maeno,Oscar Metz

Economist: SCB Economy

EC wooden structure: Arcadis

EC front panel: T/E/S/S

EC fluids, environmental: Phosphoris

EC Acoustics : Jean-Paul Lamoureux

Perspectivist: RSI studio

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