Doubling the surface area of the house, this 70 m² extension transforms the limitations of the existing building into real assets. While there are a few steps up from the outside to reach the ground floor, there are a few steps down inside to access the extension, which is on a level with the garden from the street. Each room thereby enjoys high ceilings of more than 3 meters. A window like a cinema screen opens the new living area onto the terrace and the northern side of the garden, situated on a high level. An interaction between indoors and outdoors is a natural consequence, providing a breath of fresh air and a splash of greenery in highly urban surroundings. On the first floor, two bedrooms and a bathroom extend the sleeping areas of the existing house.

Maître d’ouvrage : Privé
Localisation du projet : Bagnolet
Programme : Extension habitation privée
Statut : Livré en août 2014
Coût des travaux : 190 000 €
Chef de projet : Amélie Gressier

Photographies © Julien Lanoo

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