Paris la Défense

Coeur Défense

To update the lobby of the biggest office tower in Europe, Maud Caubet Architectes used the existing monumental columns to create a poetic and aerial space. The addition of large, curved glass panels with unpolished zones form alcoves and lend both cosiness and grandeur to the space. Pleated glass crafted with an Italian artisan achieves exceptional shapes and dimensions, symbolising renewed modernity. Welcome desks were designed as white petals to open up the space, above which float blown glass ceiling lights for a graceful and bright finishing touch.

Client : Heart of La Défense
Location: Paris la Défense
Programme : Bureaux
Status : livré en avril 2017
Total area: atrium 5 000 m² / hall 300 m²/ marketing suite 1 500 m²
Budget : atrium et hall 3.8 M € / marketing suite 1.5 M €
Project manager:  Giulia Castaldi

Photography Marketing suite:  © Sergio Grazia
Photography Atrium and Hall: © Maris Mezulis

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