Maison BBC

A contemporary wood house

Nestled at the heart of the Chevreuse Valley, on 2000 m² of land, the BBC House was 100% prefabricated in the factory. The perimeter walls, pre-cabled partitions and roof were manufactured and then transported to the site. The house was then put together in the space of a few weeks, including finishing works. The walls are made of two wooden panels, graphite polystyrene insulation including a sheet of Fermacell and wooden cladding or coating on the outside. A green roof increases the house’s thermal insulation and soundproofing.

Client : client privé
Location : Raizeux (Yvelines)
Programme : Maison BBC 
Status : Livré en Décembre 2013
Total area : 180 m² surface plancher
Budget: 326 000 €
Project manager : Amélie Gressier
Environmental programme : BBC

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