Live the city by the water

In an industrial style which draws inspiration from the New York docks, these housing units include brickwork, a material with a long history in Pantin. The project interacts with the canal opposite and with an interior garden. A suspended loggia attached to the façade affords a panoramic view over the water while the corridors are designed to be a communal area which can be appropriated by the residents. The volumes create a system of duplex apartments with double exposure, so inhabitants can enjoy both views.

The concept of roots is essential here. The project was designed with respect for existing structures, while alluding to the practices in cities on the water in Nordic countries, the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia.

Client : Emerige
Location : Pantin
Programme : Logements
Status : Concours finaliste, 2016
Total area: 12 714 m² de logements + 1 519 m² d’activités
Budget: 25,5 M €
Project manager: Catia Marini, Nataly Tello / Perspectivist : Arnaud Sabatier
Partners: OASIIS (BET environnement)
Environmental programme : HQE

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