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UNESCO decided to renovate Building V, a part of its Parisien headquarter located rue Miollis and which has been built at the end of the 1960’s. All the components of the initial project are called upon to evolve. Jean Prouvé’s façades, originally composed of prefabricated panels, were renewed by installing more thermally and acoustically efficient modules, meanwhile providing significant glazing clarity and keeping natural ventilation. Their pure design, resulting from functions grouped together in these panels, is a nod to the engineer’s constructive thinking.

The office floors are restored and retain their modularity while being brought up to standard. Wooden furniture and veneers are reused, with a concern for ecology, respect for the building and economy. The rooftop are refurbished and planted as much as possible. The four patios as well as the outside walkways are redesigned to come as close as possible to the original designers’ idea, while enhancing the building with visual breakthroughs.

Client: UNESCO

Location of the project : Paris 15th

Programme: Offices

Status: Competition 2020

Surface area: 18,000 m² (18,000 sq.m)

Cost of the works: €33m excluding VAT

Environmental approach: BBC Rénovation 2009 labeling

Partners: Arcora (BE façade), CSD & Associés (CSSI), Dauchez- Payet (landscaper), Jean-Paul Lamoureux (Acoustician), M2C (MOEX & OPC), Lab Ingénierie (Re-use), Oasiis (BET Environnement), Structureo (BE Structure), Phosphoris (BE Fluides), SCB (Economist)

Perspectivist: Thomas Jacques

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