Paul Valery Regional Campus Paris 12


The Paul Valéry Regional Campus carries excellence of AI, environmental innovation and humanity in its DNA.  Drawn on a rich and living history, the project offers a real renewal to the Parisian Collège-Lycée Paul Valéry while settling the Campus of tomorrow.

We imagined a Temple of Knowledge able of withstanding future-proof by generalizing the existing framework and by recomposing the historic facade with a wooden structure and a casing in anodized aluminium. This modular and frugal approach ensures the reversibility and flexibility of spaces and future uses.

Nature and re-employment have a strategic place here in an eco-responsible architecture favoring the already-there rather than demolition.

Functionning with this Campus and in continuity with its oasis yards and the educational garden, the shared park will be a real green lung in the city in order to bring freshness and peace of mind for students but also for local residents.

Typology: Middle School, High School, preparatory class for High Schools, staff accommodation and shared garden

Client: Ile-de-France Region  / City of Paris

Project location: Paris 12th

Area: 19,600 sqm + 5,000 sqm of shared garden

Status: Finalist of the 2021 -2022 contest

Cost of the works: €47,000,000 excluding tax

Environmental objectives: E3C2, HQE Very Good level, BBCA Performance Renovation

Project manager: Laureline Cappone

Team: Oscar Metz, Nina Maeno

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