Crescendo is a privileged intergenerational home for Villemomblois. It fits perfectly into its geographical and urban environment, right in the city center, instead of the old music conservatory. It is composed of three units: a senior residence, social housing and a house for young active people. The model of blending social housing and senior housing on the same plot is a great innovation fitting into a singular architecture. Crescendo innovates as much by its architectural gesture as by its design of common spaces intended for the well-being of its residents.

In an outstanding global project which cannot be missed, both buildings create a modern architectural unit of great visual quality. Their silhouette gives a glimpse of the places of life on a human scale that compose them. Connected by a wooded terrace on the ground floor, their design has been thought  to release the view to the sky through volume games.


Project owner: VINCI real estate
Project location: Villemomble, former Conservatoire’s site
Program: Mixed
Status: IMGP 2019 Competition
Total plot area: 2422 sqm
Floor area: 4731 sqm
Cost : € 7.6 million
Project Manager: Ilaria Giorgi
Perspectives: Thomas Jacques
Partners: Senior Res. : The Seniorales / Housing : CDC Habitat / Environment engineering : OASIIS

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